Adaptability – a core principal of bilettix

bilettix is based on modern Internet standards and follows standard client-server program structure. On the one hand it gives you the chance to optimize your task and service within one network, on the other hand bilettix unique structure enables you to quickly scale your operations based on your needs. bilettix is a system that serves you now, but also gives you the chance to increase your business in the future. Our technological support is guaranteed via a simple remote installation procedure.

Dynamic and flexibility at bilettix will not only benefit you now, but also targets future development of your business. This is evident in an early recognition to take advantage of Web 2.0 and bilettix connection to social networks like facebook.
bilettix is a system that does not fear competition, it is open towards third party applications (API - Application Programming Interfaces), which expands your reach towards a bigger, more complex ticket network and faster installation times.